Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao focuses on challenging mindsets and deep rooted patriarchy in the society, advancing education of the girl child.

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In India, the trend of decline within the Child Sex Ratio (CSR) defined as several girls per 1000 boys between 0-6 years aged, has been unabated since 1961. During this year, there have been 976 Girls against 1000 Boys. The decline from 945 in 1991 to 927 in 2001 and further to 918 in 2011 remains alarming. The decline in CSR may be a major indicator of girls disempowerment. So to scale back this Child Sex ratio, a program was launched by our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, whose wise words always ignite a burning fire and therefore the urge to try to do something great for the country and fellow citizens.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Scheme.

CSR reflects both, pre and post-birth discrimination against girls and discrimination manifested through gender-based sex selection in India. To make sure survival, protection and empowerment of the girl child in India, coordinated and convergent efforts were needed. Covering all States and UTs, this scheme was implemented through a national campaign and focussed multi sectoral action in 100 selected districts which were low in CSR. This was a joint initiative of the Ministry of girls and Child Development, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Human Resource Development.

It is an umbrella scheme which starts from the care of pregnant women by providing them medical facilities, then Health care benefits for newborn, their primary education, savings deposit scheme for her education and also various schemes for her marriage.

This scheme primarily focuses on women development, their growth and helping them to measure a dignified life and also giving them civil rights to work, which will eventually help them and therefore it helps the Indian economy to grow and nourish as well.

Protection of Girl child was the only requirement of this scheme. Ultrasound technology has made it possible to spot the gender of a toddler of pregnant women early during a pregnancy. This tends to extend in Sex-selective abortion. And to prevent this Sex-selective abortion the scheme is required.

The objectives of this initiative are:

The daughters of all age groups in India are the beneficiaries of BBBP Scheme. The beneficiary of this scheme will recover education opportunities and also GOI provides them with an honest platform for jobs in-country and also within the foreign country. Many NGOs and government departments are working under the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana. This Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme has covered the whole and the advantages of the BBBP Scheme is that the campaign is monitoring at every block, district and state level respectively. This scheme doesn’t give direct benefits but provides opportunities in indirect ways.

As a result, if we glance at the brighter side, this scheme has been ready to increase the sex ratio in many districts during which it's been introduced. This scheme has stimulated the collective consciousness towards changing the mindset of the people out there to acknowledge the rights of the girl child. The scheme resulted in the increased sanitization of the masses. It certainly raised concerns about the difficulty of declining CSR in India. To ensure the implementation of the scheme to reorient within the right direction, the national, state, and district-level task forces must assume the general responsibility for the scheme’s implementation at each level, and be held in charge of success and failures. Through this centrally funded scheme, the survival of the girl child is encouraged in India, by providing financial assistance to the poor Indian parents, whose major concern in having a girl child is that the inability to satisfy the hefty dowry demands on her marriage.

The government at the centre and state levels are running campaigns to prevent female foeticide and infanticide for an extended while now and that they are indeed commendable. But we have an extended thanks to going before we will change the way our society operates. Decade long traditions and mindsets took ages to urge altered. But this scheme was a fresh and novel effort to urge obviate this curse. As we'd like to guard and actively encourage our girls so that they will become independent in their life. Undoubtedly, this initiative under the scheme has started giving fruit because the level of awareness among the Indian people is increasing positively and it is a matter of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, people now have a significant impact to figure for girl child upliftment in society. The success of this scheme also added tremendously to the economic process of the country. This is often because India cannot afford to possess an outsized a part of its population remain neglected.