For Students

Scholarships in India are a big catch and nothing less than an achievement. Scholarships are meant only for a certain type of student. What are these types you ask? Those who are from a very poor financial background, or the ones who are specially abled, or the ones who are absolutely meritorious, scholarships are only for them. No, this is not the truth. And even if so, Scholify is here to change things for the better. We are on a mission to make India a land of scholars.

Scholify is a mobile and web platform that helps you find the ideal scholarship for your education like never before. With a variety of in-app features, we ensure our users a seamless experience. Find scholarships on the go and apply for them in a single click. With Scholify, no more wasting time in searching for scholarships, and finding out the eligibility criteria. No filling up those long forms manually. Freedom from uploading documents over and over again. Experience simplicity and like never before.


For Business

We, at Scholify understand the importance of CSR in its true sense. We understand the importance it holds and the challenges it brings for the companies like none other. Hence, we have created a platform that offers avant-garde CSR solutions to our ecosystem partners that are measurable, impactful and sustainable. Our solutions are backed by a deep understanding of the subject, amalgamated with redefined self-learning algorithms and high-end fuzzy logic.

Our state-of-art solutions stitch the various touch-points of each campaign and offer a logical representation of data for maximum efficiency and productivity.We believe that profit and purpose can go together and that one need not choose one over the other. So take a step beyond CSR with Social Value Investing with Scholify!

  • Finding Reliable Execution Partners
    Measurement System
  • Efficiency & Sustainability
  • Campaign & Fund Management
  • Data Disclosure
  • Limited Reach & Visibility
  • Rich Data Analytics with Actionable Insights
  • DIY Dashboard for Seamless Management
  • Target Marketing Solutions
  • Proprietary Recruitment Solutions
  • Improved Brand Visibility with Wider Reach