Scholify is India’s first and only scholarship discovery platform that seamlessly bridges the gap between students, and scholarships available for them. All a user needs to do to be able to use Scholify is just sign up on the platform, and basis the details shared during the sign-up process, our smartly designed backend system automatically matches them with the ideal scholarships they are already eligible for. With Scholify, say goodbye to the never ending process of searching for scholarships for hours and hours only to come across a very lengthy and tedious process just to check the eligibility, and applying for them. At Scholify, you only see the scholarships for which you are already eligible, and with just one click of a button, you can apply for your desired scholarship. No long forms, no document uploading woes. Here you get scholarships in just 3 simple steps, that's the Scholify promise!

Wondering how Scholify gets these scholarships?
Well, thanks to our state-of-the-art SaaS (Software As A Solutions), we offer an array of data-driven solutions to the corporates investing their CSR budgets towards promoting education, working with them as their CSR implementation partners. Similarly, we also help universities and colleges to reach out to a large number of students in seconds, and help them get the brand outreach they need, and help them with their need-specific solutions.

Scholify helps companies execute their CSR initiative in an unparalleled and seamless manner where their campaigns get the widest reach, the campaigns are sustainable, measureable and impactful.

Think of us the UBER of this industry, where we bridge the gap between the scholarship seekers, and the scholarship providers. It's that simple!